The people behind Blurift are a smart collective group of friends who wanted to have fun and be passionate about what they do everyday.

Keirron Stach
Director / Lead Programmer
The creator of this company, Keirron has worked in the video game industry and always wanted to make interactive products and software.
Sean Stach
Lead Game Designer
It has always been Sean’s dream to make great games the other can enjoy and he can be passionate about.
Ashley Henson
Programming Genius
Fresh out of uni and about to program his way through his new career
Caitlyn Smith
Keeps us all under control with the power of her clipboard.
Jake Jiannis
2D Art Genie
Just a passionate man who puts pixels together to make what we perceive as characters.
Ethan Weinal
Moving 2D Pictures
Studying 2D art in Adelaide Ethan loves working on sprite art and retro style games.