Welcome BACK!

Mostly to us, we have been gone a while. Unfortunately, life got in the way, that being said we are back and ready to dev.


You may be thinking what have we been up to, well a few things actually.

We have been working on better UX for the players. We are experimenting with using quick slots for some of the less impactful spells. this will work by each tie you use a quick spell it attaches to the quick slot bar which you can then just cast from there. We hope this will make the fighting in the game a bit easier and a tiny bit less stressful.

Levels, we now have a system of levels built in so you actually have something to work through, this is done with these cute little portals. This gives us the ability to put more variety in your playthrough.


It is not in yet but we have been working on it. Traits, this will allow players to gain advantages or disadvantages based on how their character develops. We hope this brings out some fun and furious moments to our players.

We hope we have more things to deliver to you about a release time and more features in the next few blogs, this will be hard to do as one of our artists Jake is on holidays in japan for the next month. Let’s hope his experience with the switch is good.

In the mean time Happy Casting.

It’s another dev blog. We haven’t worked on content as much as I would have liked, but it has been going really well for back-end functionality. That being said there are a few things we would like to show off.

First we finally have our staging system in. So, the game is no longer limited to one arena; once the player has completed one of the various challenges in an arena, a portal will appear allowing travel to the next arena. We are still deciding on an art direction for the portals, possibly something that looks quite magic, and like it’s literally tearing a hole in space-time. Purple seems to be the colour theme for magic so we plan to stay true on that front.

Next, we have a new enemy called the Brean. Ethan Weinal has been working on the art for this one for a while now and we’re ready to show it off. The Brean is a big gorilla type enemy that will send its opponents flying.

We are working on a new area for the later parts of the game. It will be the dream world. We aren’t going to give away the name or much info about it but here is a teaser image.

A trailer is in the works as well, we are working with Ed Hund who is doing the music for it, his work is amazing and we are happy to have his skill on our project. It will feature a few game play aspects people have not seen yet and hopefully you are excited to see these. It is looking like this will get finished in the next month or so. There will be an update on this next dev blog.

Thanks for reading anyway guys. Come back next fortnight.

Last fortnight the team took RuneCaster to AVCON and it went really well. Lots of people (especially the younger crowd) really enjoyed the game and its art style. We got a lot of suggestions and great feedback. One of the things we found is some people were having trouble understanding the drawing concept of the spells, so we will be working on a better integrated tutorial to help those who didn’t get it straight away.

During that weekend we started working a new enemy called the ‘Fire Spirt’, it leaves a trail of fire that will damage the player and other non-fire types.

Fire Spirt

Speaking of the fire type, during the AVCON weekend we added damage types to all the spells so they would affect each of the enemies differently. We plan to add traits so the player can gain resistances to the different damage types.

Since then we have been working on new UI and menu animations to give it a better feel. The hope is to make the experience feel more fluid. Part of this is to do with our new start game screen which allow the player to select some attributes to make a more rpg/roguelike experience.

New game screen.

Over the next week we are going to work on some of the rogue-like features and elements we have wanted to add to finally get RuneCaster on the right track for what our vision is.