Hire Us

Why would you hire us?

We can do multitude of technology projects such as websites apps and interactive products.

What we offer


Our programmers love making things tick, they are ready to work on your projects no matter how big or small. We are available to permanent work in large roles or small solve problems whenever needed. Please contact us and see what solutions we can provide for you.


We offer a variety of art services for your next project. Our artists want to bring your characters and environments to life with their passionate craft.

Please contact us and starting telling us about your next project and we will find an art style that suits the project perfectly.


Music is such an important part of any creative experience it can set the tone and atmosphere so perfectly. We want to help you set that tone and atmosphere with music that inspires and is breath taking.

Full Service

Our studio is available for hire and we would love to work on bringing your next project to life. If you want to contact us with all the details about the project we can offer a estimate straight away, remember the more details the more accurate our estimate. Contact keirron@blurift.com