RuneCaster Dev Blog 3; Portals, Music and more!!

Welcome BACK!

Mostly to us, we have been gone a while. Unfortunately, life got in the way, that being said we are back and ready to dev.


You may be thinking what have we been up to, well a few things actually.

We have been working on better UX for the players. We are experimenting with using quick slots for some of the less impactful spells. this will work by each tie you use a quick spell it attaches to the quick slot bar which you can then just cast from there. We hope this will make the fighting in the game a bit easier and a tiny bit less stressful.

Levels, we now have a system of levels built in so you actually have something to work through, this is done with these cute little portals. This gives us the ability to put more variety in your playthrough.


It is not in yet but we have been working on it. Traits, this will allow players to gain advantages or disadvantages based on how their character develops. We hope this brings out some fun and furious moments to our players.

We hope we have more things to deliver to you about a release time and more features in the next few blogs, this will be hard to do as one of our artists Jake is on holidays in japan for the next month. Let’s hope his experience with the switch is good.

In the mean time Happy Casting.

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